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Since 1980 Vasu Healthcare have been a renowned name in Healthcare business specializing in Ayurvedic / Herbal formulations. Over the years Vasu has developed patented Ayurvedic / Herbal formulations using ingredients of natural origin. Apart from the pharmaceutical products, Vasu is also engaged in Over The Counter (OTC) products and its one of the most awarded and accredited company. Trichup is Vasu's research product in the field of Hair Care and is in the market since 1990. Trichup has been a trusted hair care brand of thousands of doctors and millions of consumers. Based on popular demand, recently we did complete makeover of the packing. The same good-old values and efficacy is now re-presented in contemporary yet modern packing. Rather the efficacy of the product is now further enhanced because of implementation of the patented technology (PowerVeda). Moreover, now Trichup has specialty products in its portfolio such as Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil & Shampoo, Trichup Anti-Dandruff Oil & Shampoo, Trichup Complete Hair Care Oil & Shampoo, Trichup Silky Potion, Trichup Hair Powder and Trichup Henna.

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